Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) approached me with a challenge that is typical of clients who contact me. They were bored with their current designs and felt they lacked playfulness and originality. They also had been struggling with a designer who was hard to reach, which always complicates the process. I needed to find a way to breathe creative life into their brand without changing the essential look of their designs. I also needed to establish a strong, professional working relationship with this client to rebuild their trust in a designer.
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With a trendy yet down-to-earth PNW vibe and a funky feel to the visionaries behind their cider, NWCA needed a brand that spoke to the uniqueness of their mission and product.

With a trendy yet down to earth PNW vibe and the fun and funkiness of hard cider and its makers, they needed a brand that spoke to the uniqueness of their mission and product.


In creating this company’s rebranding, I wanted to stay consistent with their pre-existing visual presence while telling a more fun and visually interesting story. I relied on my talent as an artist and illustrator, a skill that many other designers lack, to freshen and update their look while matching the character of their established brand. I made sure to keep them informed every step of the way of my design process to ensure their expectations matched the timeline of the project.


When I was hired as the graphic designer for NWCA, they already had an established brand. Building from this, I continued to create items in line with their brand while updating it to look more hip and bright. I incorporated white space into their pre-existing design to create spaciousness and a clean, modern vibe. I redefined items that we agreed were out of sync with their evolving look and brought all materials into alignment with the essence of the NWCA brand. I also created “sub-brands” for each event that the NWCA hosts. They produce 5-6 major events each year and each of these events now has their own logo and sub-brand that is tied into the larger, overarching brand.


Northwest Cider Association now has marketing that is both more cohesive and more professional looking. Through my designs, their visual impact includes a creative, trendy and urban edge that suits their style and more effectively appeals to their target audience.

NWCA is a happy customer. They felt extremely pleased with the creative ideas and vision I brought to the table and the final look of their updated brand. They’ve also deeply appreciated my responsiveness and professionalism which is as important to me as the product itself. Success!

"Sarah is a joy to work with. Her work is outstanding and I find her incredibly patient and organized. As the director of a small trade organization, I'm crazy busy and am creating new content for so many projects. It takes a talented designer like Sarah to engage with me and make sure we're going in the right direction every time. She does that and then some!"

- Emily Ritchie: Executive Director, Northwest Cider Association