As the world’s leading producer of a health supplement with wide ranging benefits, AstaReal had a very particular challenge. They needed infographics to quickly and easily inform customers and potential bulk buyers about their product, called Astaxanthin. Many people do not know about Astaxanthin or its range of health applications. Our goal was to create illustrations that were simple to take in while also informative about the science behind the product.
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We needed to strike a balance between visually engaging artwork and information-rich content. By listening carefully to this client, I created infographics, brochures and sell sheets with illustrations that reinforced the science behind their supplement.


I worked closely with AstaReal's Scientific Affairs Manager to create an arsenal of marketing materials to convert their important health information and numerous scientific studies into impactful visual messaging that anyone can understand and appreciate. They have since used my work in scientific journals, textbooks and webinars too.


Through their collaboration with me, AstaReal now boasts more visually impactful infographics than any of their industry counterparts. Their on-the-ground marketing staff enthusiastically distributes the brochures, sell sheets, postcards and other materials I have created to get their message across. By listening to this client’s needs, I was able to amplify the impact of their message so that people who needed to hear it could receive it. Their confidence in their product and commitment to improving global health is now matched by the effectiveness of their visual marketing. AstaReal has been vastly impressed with my work over the years. Their marketing folks are often thanking me profusely for the visual aids I’ve designed.

"Sarah has been able to take complex technical concepts and distill them into visual stories that are accessible and engaging. AstaReal's technical marketing team has had the pleasure of working with Sarah for 2 years now to produce sell sheets, infographics, and promotional materials that have been featured in conferences, trade expos, websites, and customer meetings in both hard copy and digital formats. Sarah's greatest strength is her ability to synthesize information and take an active role in the design process. She has a good sense of design, is willing and able to take on challenging concepts, and can fill in the blanks when it comes to translating a project into the visual space. While we've come to know Sarah as a good decision maker with an eye that we trust, we also recognize her as an attentive colleague who incorporates feedback well. The quality of her work, her agility in turning work around, and her strong communication skills have allowed her to work successfully with AstaReal not just in the USA, but also with our global teams in Asia and Europe as well. We look forward to continuing to work with Sarah and would recommend her highly as a "triple threat" graphic design professional who is a critical thinker, a creative designer, and a good communicator."

- Karen Hecht, PhD - Scientific Affairs Manager at AstaReal Inc.