What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the process through which a business or individual creates a visual palette that represents who they are and what they stand for. Think of it like a tangible, sensory way of expressing important values and concepts to the world.

Strong brand identity is consistent, clear and accessible. It is the face that is presented to potential clients and customers that creates awareness of the professional entity.

Example of branded products for the Northwest Cider Club

Why is it important?

The people you want to attract to your business will be making decisions within seconds of viewing your marketing based on - guess what - your brand identity. Brand identity is that first impression. It is vital that the image and design you choose reflect your core values, highlight your professionalism and stay congruent with the rest of your professional message. Business owners often underestimate the formative role their brand identity plays in building trust with potential consumers. I want to give you the advantage in your industry from the start.

How Fruition Design Tackles Branding

From there, we have multiple options. With each development of marketing material, we will be expanding your “brand toolkit”. As your toolkit grows, you may become interested in Step Four, a product called a Brand Book which illustrates all of the branding principles that the company will stick to. The Brand Book will outline proper logo usage, fonts, colors, etc. This is especially useful if your company has employees who make in-house marketing materials in order to ensure that all of your products are consistent with your brand.

Don't just take it from me

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